Ghosts Caught On Camera - Real Ghost Sightings

below are photos taking by me on my trip around the uk. all photos are real ghost sightings, everything you see in the below photos are ghosts caught on camera.

This photo was taken in Edinburgh vaults, if you set your eyes at the door way you will notice a paranormal orb (you cant miss it as its bright blue) and if you cast your eyes just below it you will see a figure! I am not sure what the figure is but it appears to be a male figure with his arms crossed.

real haunted places - ghosts caught on camera photo

The photo below was once again taken in Edinburgh vaults. A blue square has been set around the ghostly figure. Yet again I’m not sure what it represents and am still researching into it. The wall was totally black it was only after the photo was developed that we seen the figure.

The photo below was taken in York, in the famous haunted house 35 stonegate. This room seems to be the most active of rooms and I defiantly felt something however this may be due to the ouija Board and crystal ball. I have highlighted some if the paranormal orbs that where seen circling the room.

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